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Specifically Designed for Food Plotters
Thank you for your interest in Best Outdoors, a company that manufactures a full line of ATV and tractor drawn row-crop planting and cultipacker equipment that is specifically designed for those interested in planting food plots for wildlife.
We say "specifically designed for food plotters" because we have designed our equipment to be heavy duty and durable yet lightweight and compact to allow easy user maneuverability and portability. Our standard three-point-hitch toolbar width of 6.5' makes it easy to maneuver through wooded trails to remote areas. Expandable to 10' by simply purchasing end-cap extensions you'll be able to go from a two or three row on the standard bar to four or five rows on the expanded toolbar. Capable to plant corn, soybeans, sunflowers, sugar beets, millet, milo, sorghum, and chufa these planter units will take care of your every planting need. 
All of Best Outdoors' planting implements utilize the very popular Yetter™ 71-Flex planter unit, which was originally manufactured and marketed by John Deere™. You can still get parts for the 71-Flex at any John Deere dealer. 
The Yetter 71-Flex planter units are the most durable and reliable, heavy-duty row-crop planter units available on the market today. The Best Outdoors Toolbars and Running Gears are manufactured from 100% American-made steel and are powder coated for long-lasting appearance and performance.
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“I love the Packer Maxx. Easy to assemble. Plus it's easy to fill with water and pull. It was a breeze to prepare seed beds this year. I pull mine with a Polaris Sportsman 400 with ease.”
Bobby Dove, Columbia, SC
“Between customer efficiency, effectiveness, and overall convenience, the Packer Maxx clp is far and away the best in class on the market.”
Dave Buikema, Rockford, MI
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